Arrested for carrying a banner during a demonstration on 15S

In English, original in Spanish here:


Earlier today, “EnPie!” activists were attending the 15S demonstrations in Madrid in support of worker’s struggle and demands.

While gathered at the Paseo del Prado in front of the Syrian embassy, “EnPie!” protesters unfurled a banner supporting the upcoming S25 action “25S – Surround the Congress”, which calls for the resignation of President Rajoy and the start of a new constitutional process. The protesters carrying the banner for this today were beaten and arrested by Spanish National Police officers. There are 3 confirmed arrests — amoung them C.R.L. (PAH Madrid) and A.L. The identity of the third detainee remains unknown.

This attack on peaceful protesters for simply carrying a banner is being denounced by “EnPie!” and others as examples of repressive actions against the constitutional right to freedom of expression for the citizens of Spain. We are extremely dismayed that the big union “organizers” of the s15 march have refrained from publicizing the wrongful and illegal arrests to the public on the grounds that it could be an incitement for violence among protesters. 

The lawyers who represent the group wrongfully detained are requesting that all evidence, video, photographs and eyewitnesses come forward to support the people who were wrongfully beaten and arrested.

All graphic evidence, eyewitnesses, etc. will be needed to support these people, according to the lawyers.



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